Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Review of Enigmatic Love by Youjin Huh

When I started to go through Abhay's work, I actually had no idea what's going on inside of my mind. However a great inspiration and impression abruptly touched my mind and I read his poems over and over. I didn't expect such romantic and wonderful poetry.

In his poems the process of our life, love and everything else are sometimes so sadly but so beautifully and elegantly described. Above all I like his work because it makes me understand his Indian culture and his life in Russia. I look back on my friendship with Abhay as well as my life in Moscow when reading his poems. I will continue reading his poems before going to bed and then dream of a romantic world.

My friend, Abhay, is not only a very, very talented diplomat but also a brilliant writer. I bet that he is the only “Pushkin from India".

Youjin Huh
Freiburg, Germany
9th April 2008

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