Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Enigmatic Love reviewed by author Samia Muqeem

“Enigmatic Love” is a marvelous compilation of love poems written by author Abhay Kumar from the fairy-tale city of Moscow --- for all those young and tender loving hearts across the globe who wish to love and to be loved in return.

Abhay speaks clearly through his words, which are tender loving and kind and opens his heart and door to all who will let him. Each poem is meaningful and there is passion and depth in his writings. He speaks straight from his heart to his audience. He invites you to take a peek at his soul and makes you feel welcome and comfortable through the pages of his book. The poetry flows beautifully from line to line and each poem is heartfelt.

I like, “Let me wait for you”, “The last song”, “It’s Raining here”, “The flower that I once was”, “I remember you”, “You are the Reason” in this delightful collection.

For a poetry lover, this book is a wonderful addition to add to your library. Abhay Kumar’s “Enigmatic Love” is, as promised, a collection of powerful, emotion-filled poetry. It’s a captivating Collection of poems, just as vivid and colorful as a newly painted portrait. I must say, it’s an excellent read and I recommend this book to all poetry lovers --- don’t miss it!

- Samia Muqueem, Chicago
Author of the books
~ Visions of the Soul~
~Withered Petals~

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