Friday, May 15, 2009

Anu Agrawal on Enigmatic Love

Thank you very much for a copy of your book of poems.I complement you on this wonderful work. I would just say that the moment I received it, I felt like talking to all my dear friends. This book touches the heart.

I think these poems are coming straight from your internal churning - i can understand because being born an Indian, we are given certain instructions throughout life which are quite different and rather in opposition to what we feel as youngsters

I think the basis for love should be our indian culture specific but the cement for a relationship has to be mutual attraction.

This is because the ultimate truth of life, as far as I understand it, is that we all love ourselves the most. Therefore, a relationship based purely on Indian tradition may not be sustainable.

- Anu Aggrawal, Nagaland, India
Alumnus Harvard University

Achyut Pallav on Enigmatic Love

It was a pleasant surprise to receive your book. It was a great compilation which, I feel is a mirror into your tender soul. I wish to convey that the poems ‘Let me wait for you’, ‘That Moonlit night’ & ‘A love song’ stood out for me. I am glad to see that a person as young as yourself is so expressive & in touch with his feelings.

-Achyut Pallav, Calligraphy Artist, Mumbai

Jainendra Bhati on Enigmatic Love

Have started with Love poems first....;--) loved tht "The Flower That Once I Was",its beautifully written.
-Jainendra Bhati

Ajay Singh on Enigmatic Love

Dear Brother.....
Thanks for sending me "Enigmatic Love"
I read all 31 poetry....all are fabulous…I can’t compare 31 poetry to each other reason everyone has its own rationale but liked most i.e.” My Mirror”
Wishing you for your great achievement!
With regards,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ludmila Barakina on Enigmatic Love

What a lovely tradition to read your book and than a wonderful love poems at the end of the week and get positive energy for all the coming week!

Just read the first book you've sent me and would like to share my emotions.

From the first lines of the poems I can easily see and feel one of the most precious views of the character - pure optimist and desire to make the being more colourful, more impressive, to show true feeling, the way they developing every year and getting more and more nuances. The picture, the masterpiece becomes more complicated the closer we are to the present and at the same time some of difficult questions are getting more clear and seem to be easier.

The poems has been written in several life periods and perfectly reflect the author's attitude to the processes going on. Living in another cities author is getting involved in the life of the huge city, it surrounds him and makes to born another new unknown earlier feelings, thoughts, conclusions. Starting from the memories of the first love, first kiss on the motherland and coming to the moment the people are bravely deciding to live their own separate lives because the circumstances are so.

I was touched by the description of very simple and so important episodes of our life: celebrating a birthday and enjoying every single minute of happiness; missing a person (that is far from you) and reflecting a sadness with a beautiful rain; warm memories of coming back home where you brought up and got the basic from your parents, this unrepeatable amazing feeling of being at home, breathing native air, aromas of flowers and trees surrounding the house. One moment and we will see a butterfly from the garden flying behind us)). The poems are advocating the magnificent picturesque nature of wonderful country.

All the poems are full of wise and very deep sense in spite of a simple language. The poem "Let me wait for you" reflects the character of the author,he is ready to wait for the true feelings that (with regret should admit it) we can't meet often our days, author is ready to be patient and to get what he is dreaming of, not to loose en vain emotions and not to loose himself in the huge ocean...

One of the most impressive poems for me was "The flower that once I was". I would say it is not only love but also very philosophical poem. We can refer it to the relations of the two loving people and to many other situations in our life...between the friends, colleagues etc.

I wonder how you can preserve such a vivid, sensitive attitude among all the situations surrounding us. Everything says about the very rare, almost unique ability to accept all the positive, the beauty of life, nature, feelings.

I could compare this book with the art of impressionists showing the nature in different times of the day, the one difference is that the measure of all the poems is a person in different periods of the life, the changes going on inside...

Thank you, I got a great pleasure to read your poems, they are fascinating!

Ludmila Barakina

Grigory Khuilawa on Enigmatic Love

The lines and images from "Love" and "The flower that once I was" are especially close for me. They are emotional and colorful and accurate - this is a rare and valuable combination!

Grigory Khuilawa, Poet, St. Petersburg

Invitation for Release of "Enigmatic Love"