Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Enigmatic Love- Reviewed by Lindsay Byrens

I have pleasure in reviewing Abhay’s latest poetry publication entitled Enigmatic Love written and inspired during his stay in the fairy tale city of Moscow. As the existentialist philosophers concluded a life is worth living to the fullest. This can be found in his expressive poetry which connects to the hopes and aspirations found in the many facets of love itself, in the love he feels for his life teachers, to the light shining out of the darkness and in the personal relationships which bring meaning into our lives. So for me his poems represent a faith inspired kaleidoscope of joys and longings for the day and for many tomorrows.
In that way my daughter Rachael who is singer songwriter, equally enjoyed reading his poetry and summed it up well. Abhay’s capacity for loving expressed through his eloquent romantic poetry could renew even the most jaded person’s faith in the idea of true love. His poems either take you into the essence of momentary feelings of love, sorrow, longing, heartbreak or they make you ponder the question what is love? Could love be beautiful violence? Could it be growing old watching the years pass, a perfect kiss or life itself with black and white and shades of grey between?
Best wishes
Lindsay Byrnes
Eclectic Philosopher,
Melbourne, Australia
4th April 2008

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